Apartment 3 May 2005
The lovely 3 May 2005 apartment  is located on the first floor of our Hotel Pantarei (it is accessed via a typical Cycladic staircase from the pedestrian street) and is composed of: a completely renovated living room with period frescoes in which it is located a mezzanine measuring 1.55 m high with a double bed, a full equipped corner kitchen, fireplace, sofa bed. There are a separate double bedroom, an anteroom/wardrobe and a shower bathroom.
The apartment is equipped with television, air conditioning and wifi. There is a spacious terrace overlooking the ancient Kastro Franco and the enchanting chapels of the old city of Parikia.
The apartment can accommodate up to 6 people. 

Curiosity: the italian movie  “Immaturi _Il viaggio” was partly filmed right here!.